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Man up… unleashing your inner woman!

St. Valentine’s Day approaches and I sense the fear and trepidation rising in the male population. What to buy? Lingerie shopping for men can be an almost heart stopping experience. That cool, manly and confident stride becomes less Sean Bean and more Mr Bean as the day approaches.

Just what is a man to do these days. They have to be strong, yet sensitive. Masculine, but deeply in touch with their “feminine side”.

And so it comes to the choice of lingerie. Should it be the suspenders and pushup bra, or is that too much? Too cliche? Maybe the cheeky babydoll set, or will that insult her feminist leanings? OK, play it safe and go for a nice pyjama set. Or will she read this as you not viewing her as a sexual being?

It’s a minefield I tell you!

Enough with the potential problems Mrs Noo Noos. Give me the solution!

Men…know your women! If you don’t have a clue then a good place to start is her underwear draw or better still the laundry basket. We women will always have items in the draw that don’t see the light of day, if its in the basket, it’s more likely to be a winner. If there is no sign of a thong, don’t waste your money on one!

Next, work out why you’re getting her a gift in the first place. If it’s for a slightly naughty weekend away, then by all means unleash your Mr Grey. If you’re just trying to tell her you love her, get her something special that you think she would like. It’s difficult to go wrong with a classic style in timeless black perhaps. If she’s a lounge lover, then how about a super soft lacy camisole, comfortable and sexy.

Ask yourself, is the gift something you want to see her in, or is it something you think she’ll love. That sexy red basque may get you going, but is she going to be miserable after she’s worn it for 5 minutes?

As hard as this may be to visualise (and I hereby give you special dispensation to delve into your deepest recesses), imagine that you are her. Imagine that you have to wear the gifts you’re giving (stay with me guys!). Is it going to pinch? Is she in touch with her sexual goddess, or perhaps a new mother and in need of something both practical and feminine? Could she not stop talking about ‘50 Shades’ or did she use it to steady a wonky table? One bit of advice I can give from experience, women hardly ever buy red bras for themselves, knickers yes, but bras rarely. If you know she loves pillar box red then by all means go for it! As an alternative however, why not try a warmer wine or plum colour for the more subtle lady or a bright neon pink for that extravagant woman of yours.

This Valentine’s Day gentlemen, why not try a different approach. Put yourself in her high heels and view the world through mascara clad eyelashes. It’s all about her. Repeat. It’s all about her. One more time. It’s all about her.

Now wipe that sweaty brow, lift those shoulders back, stick that rugged chin out, and walk proudly into your nearest lingerie store and say ‘Show me your finest lingerie, I’ve got a lady to please’!

View the Valentine’s range at Noo Noos here.


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