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Cosabella has the Pringles Factor!

I hear on the internet grapevine that there is an underwear revolution taking place in the USA which we Brits are oblivious to.  Well I’ve been doing a little investigation and it seems that Cosabella is whipping up a storm in the states.  Founded in 1983 by the husband and wife team Ugo and Valeria Campello, Cosabella is headquartered in Miami, Florida and its collections are manufactured in Italy.

So what is the big fuss about?  Apparently, the Cosabella range is so comfortable that to wear it is to feel as though you have no underwear on at all.  One fan compared it to being smothered in butter (not sure quite how they discovered the comparison?).  And the celebs are raving about Cosabella too.  From the cast of Sex and the City, Keira Knightly, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham … the list goes on… people just can’t get enough of the stuff.   The beautifully curvaceous Tyra Banks has bared her “Cosabella” all (pictured top left) on National Television.  And their cami-tops and silky dress slips have made their way onto numerous film and television sets including Glee!

So how could I resist putting the theory to the test.    I carried out my initial wearability test with the Ever soft bra and thong set and have to say that as I put the underwear on I did think for a second about whether I should be wearing goggles and a white coat and carrying a clip board!  I managed to resist the temptation however and simply put the undies on.  So the results have been checked and verified and I can confirm … that I am truly impressed.  As weird as it sounded, being smothered in butter is quite a good comparison.  The fabric feels smooth and velvety against your skin. I wore the underwear all day and felt as though I was walking around Commando – which reminds me that Courtney Cox (its the reference to Friends) can also be seen parading around in Cosabella in the film Cougar Town (picture bottom left)!

And I have to confess that as I type this I am sitting here in a Never Say Never soft bra and thong set.  I am revelling in the positively wonderous lack of “cheese wire factor” in my thong and every now and again I find myself checking my “upper personage” as I can’t quite believe I really am wearing a bra!

I have popped… and I won’t stop!

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