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Latin America gives UK a lesson in Teen Style

There aren’t many really cool lingerie ranges made especially for Teens.  That is the conclusion I have had to reluctantly come to as I dig ever deeper into the depths of the lingerie market to pluck them out.  I was thrilled therefore to recently stumble across one of them.  A little known brand called Marcyn Capricho.

I say little known, I reckon I could put money on the fact that no-one reading this has ever heard of Marcyn Lingerie.   Unless you are from South America in which case all bets are off.  And that’s because in Brazil, Marcyn have created quite a Buzz!  Capricho is the name of their Teen Brand.  This is because they have collaborated with the popular Teen Mag “OMG Capricho” and Brazilian bands not only perform at their fashion show to a mob of screaming fans but Capricho convince them to model their underpants (pictured top left ).

The Capricho mantra is “Let the Straps Show!”  In keeping with the current “wear your underwear as outerwear” phenomenon, Teens allow their straps – with the colourful Capricho logo running through them – to peep out from beneath vest tops and off- the-shoulder tees.  Also the waistbands on the boyshorts are revealed over hipster jeans.  I have to say I’m not a lover of the penguin walk made necessary to prevent low, baggy jeans falling to your feet, but I have to confess that the wide Capricho strap (2 pictures middle left) does get my seal of approval.  But that might just be because it doesn’t look like a bra strap.  Not completely with them on the pants though.  My advice to the Pingu brigade would still be to buy a belt!

Pants on show aside, I do love their underwear.  It’s full of energy with fantastic, original racer back designs such as the Confetti B-cup bra (pictured bottom left). Their bras are great transitional pieces for the older teen. While being hard moulded (but only lightly padded) they give a more mature shape but still without the use of underwire.  And their Pink Rock design with the shocking pink contrast edging is positively urging the sun to shine.  And you never know, in bringing a little Brazilian style to the UK, a little Latin weather may have come along for the ride, fingers crossed!

View below the Capricho promotional video featuring Brazilian band Hori in their pants … oh and you get to see the Girls  Underwear range too!

Click here to see the Marcyn Capricho range available at Noo Noos.

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