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First Bra Advice


So what is a first bra?  

 First bra, starter bra, training bra… call it what you will, they are all terms used to describe a bra that has been specially made for girls whose breasts are in the early stages of development.  First bras are non-wired bras or crop tops that are available in smaller sizes than regular women’s bras. Sizing typically starts from a 28AA (UK clothing size 6) and provide some comfort to a young girl whose developing breasts can sometimes feel sore as it stops the nipple from rubbing against clothing.  Also a first bra will prevent protruding nipples at what can already be a sensitive time for young ladies.

Which type of first bra should I buy?

Because your first bra does not need to provide any real support, they tend to take on a few forms that can be different from the conventional style of women’s bra.   Here is a quick guide to the various types available.

Triangle Bra   Crop Top   T-Shirt Bra   Sports Bra

Triangle Bra


Crop Top


T-Shirt Bra


Sports Bra


View our Triangle Bras

The triangle bra is similar to a bikini top in shape and will usually be unpadded. However like a bra, triangle bras will have adjustable straps and a hook and eye back fastening. Sizing is more commonly available in XS, S, M and L and should fit AA to B cups.


View our Crop Tops

Crop tops are as they sound, a cropped version of a vest top.  These are a great introduction to bras for girls who don’t want to say goodbye to their vests.  Sizing is more commonly available in XS, S, M and L and should fit AA to B cups.


View our T-Shirt Bras

The first bra version of a T-shirt bra is non-wired (or wireless) and contains modesty padding.  This is a thin layer of foam padding and is a popular option for those girls who worry about their nipples protruding through their school blouses.  Sizing tends to be in the conventional band/cup sizes of women’s bras.



View our Sports Bras

Sports bras give maximum support due to their high elastane content.  They are made to be worn during active sports.  Because they are non-wired and non-padded they are a suitable for use as a first bra.  This is especially good for girls who are not quite ready to wear women’s underwear as they tend to look more like a cropped vest than bra.

Why should a first bra be non-wired?

While the breast tissue is developing the tissue (the lumps that can be felt in the breast) needs to be given the space to grow in whatever direction they choose. Wearing an underwire bra can cause the breast tissue to become mis-formed causing later problems with breast symmetry. 

When should you start wearing a bra?

Between the ages of 10 and 13 is the most common period for noticable development to start.  However breasts can start growing for girls as young as 6 years old and dooesn't actually stop until a woman is in her early 20's. Once the nipple begins to protrude from the chest ,a young girl can consider wearing a crop top style bra. When the fat tissue starts to come into the breast then switching to a triangle bra or T-Shirt bra is appropriate. When you do buy your first bra, don’t just buy one bra, but at least two, to allow time for washing and drying.

Getting the right bra size

Because so many adult women don't wear the correct size bra, it's no wonder a developing girl can be confused as well. If you don't feel confident in your abilities to determine the right bra size, why not visit our Fitting Room where you will find an easy-to-use bra size calculator.   Below are a few handy tips to help you know if you are wearing the right bra size.

  • Try raising your arms straight into the air while trying on the bra. The band should stay securely in place in the middle of the back and not rise. 
  • The band, straps and cups shouldn't cut into the body or fit tightly at all.
  • The section in between the breast cups should rest on your breast bone.  If it does not then the bra is too small.

How to put on a bra 

 Different women find their own way of putting on a bra, here are the most common methods.

Option 1

  • Place the straps over your shoulders
  • Lean forward and your breasts should fall into the bra cups
  • Stand up straight and hook the bra up

 Option 2

  • Put the bra on by placing it on back to front and doing up the hook at the front of your body
  • Twist the fastening around to the back of the bra
  • Lean forward and pull up the straps
  • Pull each of your breasts into the cup and stand up straight

For further information about developing breasts please visit our Health Noos page.  If you have any more specific questions regarding bra sizing, fitting or which type of bra is best for you please feel free to contact Noo Noos via the Contact Us link or alternatively call us on 020 8498 0630, we're always ready to listen!